Iberico Wellington with Saffron Bearnaise

16 oz Pork
Puff Pastry
Swiss Chard
Shishito peppers
Olive oil
Clarified butter
Egg yolk

Cut the trim from meat
Take meat and square cut in 4 oz portions.
Season meat squares to preference.
Delicate sear in butter. (light sear)
Let meat rest when you get it to your temperature preference.

Flour and thin out your puff pastry dough. Take stem-less blanched swiss chard and dress in olive oil. Place your ground Shishito pepper in Swiss Chard. Roll your meat and wrap in the swiss chard.

Brush egg wash on edges of puff dough and tuck and wrap the squares. Brush with egg wash.

Place in 450 degrees oven for about 13 to 14 minutes. After let it rest.

Bearnaise Sauce: 

Take white wine vinegar, egg yoke, saffron shallots, add clarified butter. Blend all ingredients.