Beef Carpaccio & Beausoleil Oysters

Beef Tenderloin
Watercress and potatoes
Black smoked sea salt
Olive oil
Thyme and Bay Leaves
Vegetable Stock
Truffle oil

Method of Preparation:
Potatoes soaking in water. Bay leaf, thyme, sea salt. Pour into pot and bring to a boil. Once done add the watercress leaves then strain, remove thyme and bay leaf after strain. Then put in mixer with half the vegetable stock, salt, and truffle oil to make the puree. Once blended, chill it. The consistency should be thick.

Chives minced. Flat leaf parsley minced. Black smoked sea salt. Mixed in with minced herbs. Lay them all spread out on plastic wrap. Take the beef, lay it on the herb mix and roll it up in the plastic wrap. Olive oil in hot pan, Place beef in pan, looking for a nice browning. Then cool it down. After it cools, slice it ultra-thin, then lay it paper and gentle tap it down. Salt the slices.

Oysters, shucked. Wrap the meat slices around the oysters. Take puree and spoon a dab on to the shell and place meat wrap on top of dab back in shell. Then dab some caviar on top of it all. Place some arugula on top for garnish.