Cheese Plate

Cherry Fig Marmalade

600g Turkish Figs
600g Dried Cherries
400g White Wine Vinegar
1000g Pomegranate Juice

Add all items to a heavy bottom pot
Bring to a boil and reduce by one third
Puree mix in a blender then cool

Fresh Mozzarella

2 Mozzarella curd diced
1/2 qt heavy cream
1 gallon water
4oz kosher salt
Extra virgin olive oil

Heat water, 2oz of salt and heavy cream to 160 degrees
remove from heat add mozzarella curd
Let the curd sit in the liquid for about 5min
Remove curd from liquid 4oz balls at a time
Fold balls three to four times
Add balls to an ice bath that is heavily seasoned with salt
Serve with extra virgin olive oil salt and fresh cracked black pepper

Truffle Lavender Honey

5.5kg Honey
40g Lavender
250g Truffle Oil

Heat honey with lavender to 180 degrees
Remove from heat, strain and let cool till about 90 degrees
Whisk in truffle oil and cool

Apple Chile Marmalade

4ea Granny Smith Apples
2ea Jalapenos
1btl Cava
5g Agar Agar
2tbls Honey
1tbls Lemon Juice

In a small pot add cava, honey lemon juice and whisk well.
Add apples and bring to a boil stirring continuously. Drain apples and reserve with jalapenos, return liquid to the pot and whisk in and agar agar and bring to a boil 30 seconds. Pour liquid onto a half sheet tray lined with plastic wrap. Let cool until firm. In a blender puree the firm mixture until smooth. Fold puree with apples and jalapenos. Cool and store.