Classic Roast Turkey

Jaindl Turkey
3 1/2 sticks of Butter
Long Hot Pepper
Crushed Black Pepper
2 tsp Salt  
Raw Garlic Puree
Olive Oil

Start with the garlic spread using raw garlic puree. Then add the cilantro, butter, Long Hot Pepper and parsley. Separate the skin from the meat of the turkey using a spatula, just to create room for the garlic butter spread.

Once the puree is mixed and infused, you can spread on the interior of the turkey, right under the skin.

Season the turkey with salt, pepper and olive oil before heating.

Add the stuffing from the rear and front of the turkey, roughly 1 ½ of a serving spoon in each area. Following this, let the turkey cook at about 200 degrees over night for best results.


Savoy Cabbage
1c Onion
1c Leeks
2 chopped Garlic cloves
1c of hot water
Micro greens

Add a cup of sliced onions and the Micro greens into a large stirring pan at medium heat, followed by the, leeks, savoy cabbage and celery. Add 1 cup of hot water at medium temperature to the mixture.

Stir the stuffing until all ingredients are boiling and then you will add two half sticks of butter into the stir.

Once the butter is melted add a cup and a half of mushrooms and continue stirring. Finally, you will add the parsley, pecans and bread crumbs in the mix in order to give it that rough, stuffing texture.


Dandelion Greens
Raw Honey
Sliced Lime
Crushed Black Pepper
Cold Hickory Smoke Turkey
Micro greens

Place the dandelion greens into a serving bowl and pour the raw honey over the greens to combat the green's bitterness.

Once a good amount of honey is poured, you will squeeze a half of a lime over the salad to provide acidity. After this you will include olive oil over the entirety of the salad. Then chop the tomato into a few wide slices and add them and micro greens into the salad. For the last step of the salad, you will add some sliced hickory smoked turkey followed by more honey drizzle with lime over the turkey.