Crispy Eggplant and Mushrooms, Nori Rice and Ponzu

Vegetarian Carnaroli Rice
½ cup               finely chopped shallot
1 clove             finely chopped garlic
1 ½ cup            carnaroli rice
1 cup                white wine
4 cups             vegetable stock
1 oz                  olive oil
2 oz                  butter
2 oz                  parmesan cheese, grated
3 sheets Nori (toasted sea weed)
salt to taste

Method of Preparation:
Cook the shallots and garlic in the olive oil until soft (no color). Then add the rice and stir the rice until coated with the olive oil. Add the white wine, bring to a simmer, then add the vegetable stock. Bring to a simmer, stir and pull from the heat and cover. Let the rice sit until ready to reheat and serve.

Crispy Eggplant and Mushroom Tempura
1 cup                cake flour
1 tsp                 salt
1 tsp                 sugar
1 tsp                 baking powder
1 cup                cold water
3 tbsp              olive oil
1 cup                cake flour, separate to dredge the vegetable in.
1 ec                  Japanese eggplant
6 ec                 shiitake mushrooms
2 cups             grape seed oil (for cooking)

Ponzu Sauce
½ cup               Meyer  lemon juice
¼ cup               mirin
¼ cup               rice wine vinegar
4”                     Konbu
1 cup                less salt soy sauce
½                     bonito flakes
4ec                   shiso leafs for garnish

Let sit over night and strain.

Method of Preparation:
Mix the flour, salt, sugar, baking powder. Then whisk the cold water in and olive oil. Let the batter sit for a half an hour. 

Finish and plating:
Put the rice on the heat. Add 1 cup of vegetable stock and stir on the heat until hot. Then add the parmesan, cheese, and butter. Adjust seasoning to taste with salt add one sheet of nori sliced into strips to the rice.

Crispy vegetables:
First in a pot bring the grape seed oil up to 350f. Be careful to have a deep enough pot so the oil is half way up to prevent the oil going over the side of the pot. Dredge the eggplant and mushrooms in the flour and then the tempura batter. One by one place into the fry oil. Spoon the rice on to a plate or bowl, add the crispy vegetable on top. Spoon the ponzu sauce around the bottom of the rice. Last, place the shiso leafs on top.