Damariscotta Oysters and Maine Scallop Sashimi Drizzles with Pan Roasted Monkfish

For the Monkfish:

6-8 oz Maine monkfish (medallions, 3-4 oz ea)
2 Slices Applewood smoked bacon
1 oz Olive oil
¼ c Fresh tarragon (picked leaves)
¼ c Sun dried cherries
1 oz champagne vinegar
Pinch kosher salt
Pinch black pepper
1 oz Whole butter
1 c Variety of local fresh vegetables

Clean and skim the monkfish (fish market can do this for you). Cut two thick medallions each weighing 3 to 4 ounces. Season the fish and wrap with the bacon (secure with skewer). Sear the monkfish (medium-high heat) in the olive oil, for about 1 minute on each side. Place the pan in an oven (350º) for a few more minutes while you arrange the rest of the ingredients.  Remove the monkfish from the pan and deglaze with the cherries, vinegar and butter. Add the tarragon. Check the seasoning and serve over the fish and vegetable arrangement.

For the scallop:
1 to 2 Large Scallops
1 T Cooking oil
tt Tri-colored peppercorns, freshly ground
tt Sea salt
½ c Seasonal Herbs and Vegetables
1 ea Fresh lime

Slice scallops thin, horizontally, and arrange on serving platter with seasoning, herbs and vegetables. Super-heat the oil and spoon over the scallops. Serve immediately.

For the oysters from the Damariscotta area of Maine:
4 Local oysters on the half shell
1T Pomegranate seeds (lightly chopped)        
1t Fresh Chopped Chives
1t Champagne Vinegar
Pinch Red Sea Salt

Prepare all ingredients except for shucking the oysters. Just before service, shuck the oysters, leaving in the deep shell; do not drain the natural liquor. Sprinkle each oyster with pomegranate seed, chives, vinegar and finish with salt. Light combination of ingredients, big flavors! Serve immediately.