Maine Lobster & Pasta

4 oz. Fresh Steamed Lobster (meat removed, reserved for various uses)
2 ea Fresh Pasta Sheets /5”x 5” (Pasta Dough Recipe to follow)
1/2 C Wild Mushroom Mixture (varied types as you choose)
2 T Fresh Tarragon (Whole leaves de stemmed)
1 oz. EVOO
2 T Chopped Chives
1/4 C Fresh Micro Herbs (available at specialty markets)
tt Sea Salt
tt Fresh Ground Pepper
1 ea Whole egg beaten (for sealing the ravioli)

Method of Preparation:
Make pasta dough, reserve for use, prepare the lobster meat, reserve for use.

Cook the mushrooms in a little olive oil, a little tarragon and some salt and pepper, reserve covered at room temperature for final service.

Make the ravioli (lobster and a little of the mushroom mixture, a little chive and salt and pepper, seal the edges with the egg and cut circular, refrigerate uncovered for 15 minutes (at this point put a pot of salted water on the fire to boil).

Cook the Ravioli approximately 4-5 minutes, heat the mushrooms, arrange the mushrooms a the plate, take 2 T of the pasta water to a small bowl and whisk the rest of the tarragon and the EVOO together until frothy. Put ravioli on the mushrooms, top with chives and micro herbs, spoon the tarragon emulsion over and around the ravioli.

Recipe for Basic Pasta Dough:
1.75 c Flour (specific milling grade EVOO)
6 ea. Egg Yolk
1 ea. Whole Egg
1.5 t Olive Oil
1 T Whole Milk

Combine all ingredients in mixer with dough hook attachment, mix well until the dough pulls away from the side of the bowl. Remove and knead by hand for a few minutes.

For any flavor or ingredient that you want to incorporate to this dough, combine that ingredient with the eggs in a blender, then add the mixture to the flour and continue with the milk and olive oil.