Grilled Filet & Butter Poached Maine Lobster

yields two portions

2 ea, 6 oz portions Filet Mignon (center cut, from meat market)
1 ea, 1 lb Live whole Maine lobster
8 oz Whole butter, unsalted
12 oz Water (for poaching liquid, butter combination)
To taste salt and pepper
½ C Organic micro greens (available in specialty market)
¼ C Organic micro herbs (available in specialty market)
Splash Extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon

First step, preheat the grill, blanch for two minutes the lobster.  Next remove lobster meat from shell while still warm.  Add butter to poaching liquid from lobster blanching.  It’s very important not to boil this liquid, butter mixture.  Grill filet to desired doneness; during this cooking process, add the lobster meat to the butter poaching liquid.  This lobster meat can hold in the hot (not boiling) liquid for a good period of time without toughening the meat…that’s the beauty of this technique!

Arrange the filet the lobster on top and garnish with micro greens and herbs; splash with EVOO and lemon.