Lobster with a Twist & Wine Pairings

Whole Maine lobster, Steamed
For the Sabayon:

2 ea Egg yolks
1 T Vermouth
2 tsp Chili pepper
½ C Heavy cream
tt Sea salt

For lobster mixture:
2 ea Hard-boiled egg, yolk only
4 oz Lobster meat, diced
¼ C Avocado, diced
Pinch Snow pea shoots
tt Lemon, juice of
tt Cilantro

Method of Preparation:
Steam the lobster, remove meat from shell. 

For the Sabayon:
Combine raw egg yolks with vermouth, add fine diced chili pepper.  Whisk over double boiler until a thick ribbon (do not scramble).

Whip heavy cream (unsweetened) until soft peaks, fold heavy cream into cooked egg yolks and chili mixture.  Season with lemon and cilantro.  Reserve for service. 

Prepare cooked egg yolk/deviled egg cream.  Using a spoon, combine a pinch of dry mustard, a little mayonnaise, a tiny bit of heavy cream.  Add a pinch of cayenne pepper.  Reserve for service.

Assemble in a martini glass the sabayon mixture and then top layer with lobster/avocado mixture.

Garnish with deviled egg cream and snow pea shoots.