Oyster Pan Roast & Chowder

Oyster Pan Roast

4 ea Large oysters (counts, pre-shucked)
½ oz whole butter
1 ¼ C heavy cream
1T chili sauce
Dash Lea & Perrins Sauce (Worcestershire)
Pinch cayenne pepper
Pinch sea salt
½ each lemon (juice of)
1 piece French bread (slice 1 ½ in thick)
Optional Special Touch
2T yellow and red bell pepper
Dash Sambal Olek (spicy Vietnamese chili sauce)
2T micro greens

Do the work for the special touch first, and cut the slice of French bread (baguette). This is a very fast preparation, able to be done in one pan. Medium-high heat add butter and oysters, season with the chili sauce, cayenne, l&p sauce and salt. Add the cream and boil until just slightly reduced, squeeze fresh lemon. Check seasonings and spoon the pan roast over the crouton in a bowl. Garnish the top with bell pepper and micro green mixture.

Contemporary Chowder of Scallop & Clams

½ oz. Whole butter
1T Leeks (white portion) (small dice, washed)
1T Shallot (small dice)
Pinch sea salt and white pepper
½ T Fresh thyme
1/2ea. Lemon (juice of)
8oz. Heavy cream
1ea. Large sea scallop (wrapped with carrot strip)
3ea. Whole clams (shucked to order)
1ea. Yukon gold potato (fine julienne)
1T micro greens (for garnish)
Flat leaf parsley (for garnish)
Carrot (long strip for scallop wrapping, secure with skewer)
1 cup oil (for frying potato)

All the components are true to a basic chowder the leek, shallot (onion family), thyme, potato.  Notice the absence of bacon and the addition of sea scallop, the different approach to the potato and the eye appeal of the carrot, micro greens and parsley. Start by cooking the potato julienne in hot oil, drain set aside warm. Sear the scallop with the butter, add the leek and shallot. Turn the scallop over, add the thyme, salt and pepper and the cream. Control the foaming (reduction of the cream) but all the cream to reduce. While simmering, shuck the clams into the chowder simmer for just a minute or two and arrange in bowl with potato and garnish.