Pan Roasted Quail

Soy Oil
Bok Choy
Green Onion
Snow Pea Tendrils
Smoked Sea Salt
Red Pepper Jelly (Red Pepper and Caramel)

1. Cut the legs, wing tip, and edge of bone off of the quail
2. Add salt and pepper to the top of the quail
3. Fry the quail in Soy Oil
4. Remove the meat from the separated bone and put in a side bowl
5. Cut up the buck choy and green onion, place in bowl with Snow Pea Tendrils and add
smoked sea salt
6. Add Red Pepper Jelly to bowl
7. Heat the ginger in a frying pan with oil and a touch of water after its began heating
8. Add the ginger to the bowl of bok choy, green onion etc.
9. Heat the cilantro, add water to the frying pan as it heats – heat until it becomes sauce like
10. Plate