Striped Bass with Roasted Potatoes

4 7oz. Striped Bass
4 oz. Potatoes
2 oz. Red Grapes
5 oz. Endive
½ Butter
Single Press Olive Oil
2 Bunches Tarragon
2 oz. Carrot
4 oz. White Onion
2 oz. Celery
1 Tomato
1 Bulb Fennel
1 Leek
6 Cloves Garlic
1 oz. Red Wine Vinegar
10 Fennel Seeds
1 Bay Leaf
10 Black Peppercorns
8 oz. Water
½ Bunch Basil
½ Bunch Mint
½ Bunch Cilantro

To Cook the Striped Bass:

Heat up a sauté pan with just enough canola oil to coat the bottom. Leave the pan on a high flame until the oil is smoking. Then place the striped bass in the pan, skin side down. Then place the pan with the fish in it on the bottom of your oven, this gives the pan direct heat and ensures crisp skin. Cook the fish until desired doneness. Medium suggested.

To make the Rissole Potatoes:
First peel several Idaho potatoes. Then use a Parisian scoop (melon baller), with any size you would like. Scoop out the potatoes and cook them in salted water. When the potatoes are tender, strain the liquid and cool them in the refrigerator.

To make the Caramelized Endive:
First thing you want to do is core and julienne the endive. Then in a smoking hot sauté, sauté the endive with a little canola oil and butter. When the endive has a nice caramel color it is done.

To make the Vegetables:
In a small sauté pan, cook garlic and the Parisian potatoes in a small amount of canola oil. When the mixture is hot, add your caramelized endive and half red grapes. Once the skin on the grapes starts to breakdown, the mixture is ready to be plated.

To make the Tarragon Foam:
There are three steps to making the foam. The first step is to make a vegetable nage. Which is a acidic vegetable broth. In a empty pot, combine rough chopped carrot, white onion, celery, tomato, fennel, leeks and whole garlic. Put enough red wine vinegar in this pot to go three quarters of an inch up the side. Then cover the mixture with water. Put the pot on the heat and then add your coriander seed, fennel seed, black peppercorn, and bay leaf. Bring the mixture up to a boil, and then turn it off immediately. Strain the pot of liquid through a chinois that has basil, mint and cilantro in it. These flavors will bloom in the liquid. The nage and your first step are done. Step two starts by setting up a food processor and puree tarragon. Then add soft butter to the food processor and let the butter and tarragon bind together. Then pass the compound butter through the tamis. Then step two is done. The third step is to heat up a small pot of nage, and put the cold tarragon butter in it. You then need to have the pot never come to a boil. When the nage and the butter are very warm, use a hand held emersion blender to foam the sauce.