Tea Smoked Venison

Tea Smokes Venison Marinated:
Venison Tenderloin:

2 ec. Shallots, Chopped Fine
1 tsp Rosemary Chopped Fine
2oz Olive oil

Combine and rub on to the venison meet and refrigerate over night.

Tea Smoke:
1 oz Rice
1 oz Flour
2 oz Jasmine Tea
½ oz Juniper Berry

Mix the rice, flour, jasmine tea, and juniper berry and spread on the bottom of the smoker.

Place the venison on the rack then in the smoker and place the smoker on the stove top at medium heat. When smoke fills the smoker remove from heat. And let sit for five minutes.

Smoker Brand - Cameron's
Roasted Fingerling, Sun Gold Tomatoes, Herb Salad, Blue Velvet Cheese, Yellow Springs Farm

20 Fingerling Potatoes
20 Sun Gold Tomatoes
2oz Cappers
2oz Cornichon
10z Chopped Parsley

Cook the fingerlings is water until tender to slide a fork in and out. In a hot sheet tray with olive oil and fresh lemon thyme lay the sun gold tomatoes. Roast until skin starts to peel. Remove and cool.

After the potatoes cool cut them on an angle up in one inch pieces. There ready to roast.

Mix the potatoes and the aioli place on sheet pan and roast until golden brown. Mix in the roasted tomatoes and herbs.

Lemon Aioli:
2 Lemons / zest one and juice both
1oz Champagne Vinegar
6oz Olive Oil
10 Sun Gold Roasted Tomatoes Peeled
1oz Mashed Fingerling Potato
2oz Cold Water          
1ec Egg Yolk

Mix the cool mashed potato and egg yolk then water to a blender. Then add the lemon juice and slowly add the olive oil as it gets thick add the vinegar. Then the tomatoes and finish with the rest of the olive oil.

Season with sea salt and black pepper then Grill the venison to desired tempter, I like medium rare. Slice and place on plate and the salad next to the venison place the herb salad squeeze the lemon on top.