The Chicken and The Snail

Whole Chicken
Olive Oil
Rye Berries
White Wine
Salt & Pepper
Burgundy Escargot

Method of Preparation:

Debone chicken, separating breasts and leg quarters. Cover carcass with water and simmer to make chicken stock. Reserve the legs for later use. Divide the stock in half and reduce half to for a “jus” or concentrated broth. Simmer rye berries in remaining chicken stock under tender. Season.

Season chicken breasts and sear, skin side down, in preheated skillet with olive oil. Add cipollini. Oven roast until done, about 10-15 minutes. Remove and rest. Brown mushrooms in the chicken pan, add snails and cipollini. Saute a few moments.

Deglaze pan with white wine, simmer off alcohol, then add chicken jus. Toss and reduce a moment to allow flavors to blend. Plate rye berries and onion mixture side by side. Drizzle with pan jus. Slice chicken breast and place over in the center.