Soup & Striped Bass

CHILDREN’S RECIPE: Mushroom Soup with Cold Ricotta

4 ec Shiitake Mushrooms (sliced thin)
½ ec Red Onion cut in small cubes
1 ec Garlic Clove
2 ec Water
1 oz Porcini Mushrooms frozen or dry
1 oz Low Salt Soy Sauce
2 oz Ricotta Cheese

Method of Preparation:
In a hot sauce pan roast the mushrooms. Then add the onions, garlic. Cook to a golden brown color. Then add the water and soy sauce. Bring to a boil and blend.

To Plate:
Place the mushroom soup in a bowl and put a dab of cold ricotta on the top of the soup.

FAMILY RECIPE: Mushroom Soup, Striped Bass, and roasted Mushroom Salad

5 oz Striped Bass skin on
6 ec Shiitake Mushrooms (cut in to ¼’s)
2 ec Asparagus (peeled and cut in fine slices)
1 ec small red onion (sliced in to thin slices)
5 ec Sprigs of Parsley
1 oz Butter
Salt to taste
2 oz olive oil

Method of Preparation:
In a hot pan add the olive oil. Place the mushrooms in cook until golden brown. Then add the asparagus. Cook with the mushrooms for a minute. Then add onions. Place into a bowl and fold the butter, parsley.

To Plate:
Roast the striped bass in a hot pan skin side down un till the flesh in almost white. Lay the mushroom salad down on the plate. Ant the crispy skin bass on top. Use the mushroom soup as sauce.