Breakfast Extravaganza

Cayenne Pepper
Tomato Paste
Pork Belly
Cheddar Cheese

Hollandaise Sauce:

Take Eggs and water and whip them over a low heat flame. Add clarified butter while you whip the eggs. Squeeze a little lemon and add a touch of cayenne pepper.

Choron Sauce:
Add tomato paste and tarragon reduction to the Hollandaise.

Poached Eggs:
Drop a lemon into a pot of water. Slightly boil water and crack a couple eggs into the water.

Eggs Chesapeake:
Cook a crab cake to you liking. Mush it down until it’s somewhat flat. Add your poached egg and place it on top of the crab cake. Drape the Choron Sauce on top of the eggs and crab cake for more flavor. Sprinkle some parsley on top.

Bacon and Eggs:
Cook Pork Belly and devil some Eggs.

Shrimp and Grits:
Put some shrimp into a pan and cook on medium heat. While the shrimp cooks add the grits to a plate and put the choron sauce around the grits. Butter some toast as well. Salt and pepper the shrimp while still on the stove.

Add butter or oil to a pan. Whip some eggs and add it to the pan. Cook to your liking. Cut up some cheddar cheese, tomatoes, or whatever you like.