Crispy Black Bass

1 Black bass scaled and gutted
Cherry tomato 1Pt. (oven dried)
3 each clams or mussels
Olive chopped fine
Yukon potato puree

Brodetto mis en place:
¼ cup olive oil
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
Saffron pinch
Fennel ½ blub
Red pepper flakes
Basil 2 leaves
Oregano 4leaves
Shallot 2 sliced thinly
San marzano tomato chopped
Vermouth wine 2 0z
Clams 3 each
Shrimp 2 each
Mussels 3 each
Butter 2 0z
Fish bones from bass
Water or fish stock 1 cup

Heat 2 0z of olive oil in sauce pan add shallots first sweat for about a minute .Then add garlic

Sweat then add fennel pepper flakes, basil and oregano then add all you shellfish and fish bones, Deglaze with vermouth add saffron, Then tomato cook for 2-3 min. then add fish stock or water do not add all check viscosity . Simmer for 30-40 min. Strain through chinois.

Finish with 1 0z of butter and buzz with emersion blender.

Place fish fillet in small amount of olive oil and lemon juice for about 2min.

Dredge in rice flour then Sautee in olive oil until crispy and cook thru.

Place small amount of potato puree on plate place fish on garnish with steamed mussel and clams and oven dried tomato.