Duck "a la Presse"

1 Duck « Normandy breed » (wild duck)
2 Tbsp. Vegetable oil
2 oz Butter
2 oz Brandy
¼ C Chicken stock
2 ea Potatoes (Russet)
1 ea Onion
1 tsp Honey
2 oz Red wine
2 oz Red wine vinegar
2 handful Mixed salads
Salt, pepper, house dressing

In a sauté pan, add the onions sliced finely, salt, pepper, red wine and the vinegar. Let cook slowly. When the onions are dried, add the honey and off the flame 1oz of butter. Reserve

Peel and slice the potatoes ¼” thick. Run them under cold water for 1 minute, dry them out. In another sauté pan, add a little bit of vegetable oil and 1 oz of butter. Sauté the potatoes until completely cooked, season them. Add the onions to them and cook together for 5 minutes. Check seasoning.

Preheat the oven to 450F.

In a braising pan, heat a little bit of vegetable oil. Season the duck with salt and pepper. Sear the duck on one side, then on the other side. This should take 4-5 minutes. Turn the duck over on its back and bake for 18 minutes.

Take the duck out, remove the two breasts (still pretty rare), the two legs and the two wings.

Place the legs and the wings on a gentle grill for 15-20 minutes.

Cut the carcass of the duck with kitchen sheers and place all pieces in the duck press. Press until all natural liquids and juices are collected in a recipient.

In a pan on a slow burner, add these juices with the stock until very reduced, strained them and reserve.

Finish the breast of duck in the pan to a medium rare. Deglaze with the brandy and add the juices back to the pan.

Display the potatoes on the top of the plates, slice and arrange the breast on the bottom of the plate and cover the breast with the sauce.

In a second service, mix the salad with your dressing and serve the leg and the wing with it.