Grilled Breast of Duck and Cioppino

Grilled Breast of Duck:

4 oz duck breast (grilled medium rare to medium)
3 oz fig balsamic
1 med pear (cut to fork able pieces)
4 cups radicchio, green leaf (torn in pieces)
2 oz pecan chopped coarsely
TT sea salt & white ground pepper

In a bowl place greens, radicchio pears & glaze - mix/toss - season & plate - top with pecans and duck. Place duck in a star design.
6 - 20/30 c scallops
6 - U-16 shrimp
6 crab claw
24 oz lobster
8 Clams
8 Mussels
2 stems celery sliced
2 Lg shallot's diced small
1 clove of garlic minced
1 med red onion small dice
1 cup med chopped plum tomato's
1 med red pepper diced small
1 pt shrimp stock
1 cup white wine chardonnay
1/4 butter
1 oz oil
TT parsley, oregano, basil, pepper, bay leaf, 3 lemons

In a suitable size pot melt the butter and oil together, add garlic, shallot's, onion, peppers,& celery let the aroma come to you, place mussels & clams in cover with lid let the shell fish open slightly, add the other seafood cover & cook till pink or done 3-4 minutes, add shrimp stock wine and tomato's bring to a simmer, season to taste, add 1 lemon squeeze the juice in plate crown 2 lemons for garnish.