Four Fish

Sword Fish
Porgy with Skin
Salmon Tartar
Bacon (Turkey is preferable)
Rosa Olive Oil
Dorot Ginger
Dorot Garlic
Dorot Chili
Dorot Cilantro
Dorot Parsley
Savoy Cabbage
Vegetable Stock
White Wine (preferably a drier wine)
Sea Salt

To begin take out a bowl and pop in 2 cubes of Dorot ginger, 2 cubes of Dorot chili, 2 cubes of Dorot cilantro, 2 cubes of Dorot Parsley, and 1 cube of Dorot garlic. Put the bowl to the side for later. Now place a pan on the stove and pour in some Rosa olive oil. Pick up the porgy and sprinkle sea salt onto the fish letting the pan catch what falls. When finished lay the porgy into the pan. Throw in some cut up strips of turkey bacon around and on top of the porgy. Using a mandolin slicer cut up some carrots to cover the pan. Now add the savory cabbage, a cube of Dorot Garlic, some salt, 3 cubes of Dorot cilantro, 3 cubes of Dorot Chili, a splash of white wine, and vegetable stock.

Now take the sword fish and cut off the skin. Next pour some Rosa olive oil into a dish and press a cloth into it, rub the cloth along the grill. After you have greased up your grill, rub some oil into the sword fish before you place it on the grill. At this time flip the porgy over.

Take 1 cube of Dorot chili, Dorot ginger, and Dorot basil; and chop them together. Lay the mixture of herbs over the sword fish. At this time you will want to turn the sword fish from a 6 o’clock position to a 4 o’clock position. This will create those overlaying grill marks, on the fish. However do not try to force it up, only turn it when it is no longer sticking to the grill.

Warm up a new pan with some Rosa olive oil adding in some onions peppers, two cubes of Dorot chili and one cube of parsley and a cube of Dorot garlic

Add more vegetable stock to the porgy, and take another new pan with vegetable stock and place in some blanched asparagus with some slices of fennel, and a cube of both Dorot cilantro and Dorot ginger. Next add butter to both the asparagus and the porgy.

The edges of the sword fish should be getting whiter, meaning that it is almost ready to be flipped. Add some shrimp to the pan with the onions and peppers and the sword fish should now be ready to be flipped.

Now take the bowl of herbs from earlier in the recipe and spread some over the sword fish. Mix the rest with the salmon tartar. Add scallions to the shrimp; then spray some lemon over the shrimp, sword fish, and the tartar.

Pour in some Rosa olive oil to the salmon and mix it really well. Take the sword fish off from the grill and lay it onto a dish. On a separate dish lay out the porgy and the vegetables it cooked with. Add salt to the salmon. Lay the asparagus and fennel over the sword fish and pour the juice over it. And finally scoop out the salmon onto a plate ready to serve.