Truffle Stuffed Dover Sole

Dover Sole
Activa (seasoning)
Oyster Root
Fresh Bay Leaf
Roasted Chestnuts
Stock (Made from the remnants of the Sole)
Black Trumpet Mushrooms
Royal Trumpet Mushroom/Onion Puree

1. Skin the Sole
2. Remove the bones from the Sole
3. Season the Sole
4. Cut up the truffles and place inside of the fish
5. Wrap the Sole in plastic wrap
6. Allow the Sole to sit for about a day
7. Cut up the Oyster Root
8. Begin to fry the Sole (After it has sat for about a day)
9. Cut up the mushrooms, fry along with the previously cut Oyster Root
10. Before the Sole is finished frying, remove it and place it in the oven (At about 300 degrees)
11. Cut up the artichokes and add to the frying pan containing mushrooms and Oyster Root
12. Dice the shallot and place in the frying pan where the Sole was – also add the fresh Bay Leaf
13. Add the roasted chestnuts to the pan containing the oyster root and mushroom
14. Add brandy to the pan containing the shallot and bay leaf to create a sauce (CAUTION: will cause flame in the pan)
15. Add the stock, cream, and truffle butter to the pan
16. Add quince to the pan with the mushrooms and Oyster Root
17. Add Thyme to the pan with the shallot and bay leaf
18. Add the black trumpet mushrooms to the pan with the oyster root and other mushrooms
19. Put the Royal Trumpet Mushroom in outs own pan to heat
20. Take the fish out of the oven (Takes about 8 minutes to finish cooking)
21. Plate