Maine Apple, Fingerling Potatoes and Peekytoe Crab Meat Salad

12 each fingerling potatoes washed skin on
1 lemon juice
2 not too ripe medium apples peeled core removed cut in half and cut each halves in three pieces six in all. Cut each quarter to produce very thin fan shape slices. Sprinkle some lemon juice over and mix well.
1 teaspoon of paprika
3 sorrel leaves washed and dried on a paper towel. Cut the sorrel leaves very thinly.
1 cup mayonnaise
½ cup of crème fraiche
1 small tub of peekytoe crab
1 cup of white wine
Sea salt

Cook the potatoes with cold water. When the potatoes are cooked drain the water and cool them a little before peeling the skin of the potatoes. Slice the potatoes across like a silver dollar. Sprinkle the white wine over the warm potatoes. In a bowl, mix the mayonnaise with some crème fraiche and lemon juice add salt, pepper, and a little sugar if needed. Delicately mix the potatoes, apple and the peekytoe crab with the sauce mayonnaise. Season to taste. Serve on a plate and sprinkle the top with paprika and the sorrel strips.

Serves 4