Poached Rabbit Saddle with English Peas and Hearts of Palm

English Peas
Vegetable Oil
Hearts of Palms
Olive Oil
Blended Oil
Pine Nuts

Rabbit Sauce:
Hot Pan; add blended oil (vegetable canola). Add bones to caramelize the bones.

Then take the kidneys out of the saddle to use later.

Find the first bone in the rack on the left and right and cut with a sharp knife. Score the inside of the rack.

Add onions, carrots, and celery to the hot pan that is caramelizing the bones. Keep the pieces large because they have to cook for a while.

Take the rack and scrape down to the bones. Get to the tip of the bone until it pops out.

Flatten the belly and crosshatch the meat. Take the lining and wrap the belly and loin. Make sure it’s wrapped tight.

Take a mixture of beer and brandy and add it to the sauce. Cook on high for 20 minutes.

Sous Vide the Rabbit Saddle:
This is a controlled water environment that is used to cook. Get a big pot of water and a thermometer. Put the saddle in a Ziploc bag. Put the bag with the saddle into the water at 134 degrees. Cook for 25 minutes.

Fresh Roasted Hearts of Palm from Hawaii:
Roast lightly in a pan. For flavoring add a couple lemon peels. Add butter and thyme. Put them into a bag and throw them into the Sous Vide machine with the saddle.

Take the saddle and the rack and put them into a pan with butter and oil. Cook until the meat is golden in color.