Roasted Duck Breast with Scallion Sesame Yaki in a Beet Dashi Broth with Dill Creme Fraiche

4 ea. duck breasts. Trimmed and cleaned of sinew, fat side scored
Kosher salt
Black pepper

Season the fat side of the breast generously with salt and pepper. Add the duck breast fat side down to a heavy bottom stainless or cast iron pan. The pan should be cold, allowing for the fat to render better. Place the pan over a low to medium and cook the duck breast occasionally empty the pan of the rendered fat. This will allow for a crispier skin. Cook the duck until the skin and fat are completely rendered and golden brown. Next, season the back side of the duck breast and flip. Turn off the heat and allow the duck to rest in the pan for 1 to 2 minutes for a medium rare.  Then remove the duck breast and allow to rest 5 to 10 minutes before slicing.

1 C roasted quartered baby red beets
1 C roasted, quartered baby golden beets
1 C roasted, quartered baby chiogga beets
1 C shiitake, destemmed and quartered
1 C baby carrots, blanched cold to hot, and cooled at room temp
2 C baby bok choy
1 C sliced local onion
1 clv garlic, back sliced
2 tbsp. dill plush
1 Tbsp. vegetable oil

Heat the vegetable oil in a large sauté pan over medium high heat, until the oil reaches smoke point. Add the shiitake mushrooms and sauté until golden brown. Next, turn the heat down to medium low heat and add the garlic and onions. Sauté for 3 mins tossing occasionally. Add the beets and carrots and simmer until mixture is heated through. Adjust the seasoning and just before serving add the baby bok choy and dill, serve immediately.

Scallion sesame yaki:

4 ea. egg whites
2 c porcini dashi
2 c ap flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp soy sauce
1 tsp black sesame seeds
1 bu. Scallion, sliced thin

Add egg whites to a mixing bowl and beat with a whisk until frothy. Then add all wet ingredients and whisk together. Next add all the dry ingredients and stir until flour is incorporated into the mixture. Finish by adding the sesame seeds and scallions. The mixture should be thin and does not maintain its shape when stirred. Over a low flame, preheat the yaki pan. Spoon the mixture filling the holes with the yaki batter until level. As the yaki cook, using a skewer, gently spin them a quarter turn. As the batter sets, continue to spin until golden brown and fully cooked through. 

Beet Dashi Broth:
5 ea. Large red beets, peeled and large diced
2 ea. Spanish onions, large dice
1ea. Horse carrot, peeled and diced on the bias
1 ea. Russet potato, peeled and large diced.
¼ hd. Of cabbage, sliced thin
1 c. of shiitake mushroom stems
2 C. of quartered white button mushrooms
½ cup sherry vinegar
1 C of soy sauce
2 to 3 qts of water
1 C. of bonito flakes
1, 8” piece of kombu
1 tbsp. salt
1 tsp dill seed
1 tsp mustard seed
1 tsp black peppercorns
.5 tsp celery seed
1 head of garlic, cut in half horizontally
1 tbsp.  vegetable oil

In a heavy stock pot over medium heat add blended oil and all vegetables (including garlic) and spices (including salt) and saute for 10 min.  Add all liquid ingredients.  Simmer for 5 minutes and add the water and bring to a simmer.  Simmer for 30 minutes.  Take off the heat add the bonito and the kombu.  Steep for 10 minutes off the heat and strain.