Seafood & Dorot Spices

3 Ippolito’s U10 shrimp
3 Ippolito’s dry sea scallops
9 Grape tomatoes
Butternut squash
3 Brussels sprouts
½ Persimmon fruit
1 cup Fresh Parsley
Tbsp Rosa Olive oil
5 tsp of Dorot basil
6 tsp of Dorot chili peppers
¼ cup white wine
Lemon (to be used for lemon juice)

Method of preparation:
Make small slices on the grape tomatoes
Peel the Ippolito’s shrimp
Peel the muscle off of the Ippolito’s scallops
Butterfly the Ippolito’s shrimp by cutting from the bottom
Blanch the tomatoes by putting them in boiling water for 30 seconds, then remove from  
Boiling water and immediately put into ice water
Remove the grape tomatoes from the ice water and peel, then place into a bowl
Once all tomatoes have been peeled coat with Rosa olive oil and salt to taste
Cut the butternut squash into cubes.
Put about two cups of the cut up squash into boiling water and add a pinch of salt
Julienne another piece of squash and put it aside for later
Add the Dorot basil and water to a frying pan to create a sauce
Cut the Brussels sprouts and persimmon into tiny pieces
Mix the Brussels sprouts, persimmon, parsley, salt and pepper in a salad bowl, drizzle with lemon juice
Add the Dorot chili and water to a frying pan to create a sauce
Once the cubed squash is very soft remove from water, drain out in sieve, then mash and puree it by hand
Mix the pureed squash with a touch of Rosa olive oil
Warm up frying pans and coat with Rosa olive oil