Olive Oil Poached Salmon with Ginger Verjus

Rosa Olive Oil
Dorot chopped Basil
Dorot chopped cilantro
Dorot crushed Garlic
Verjus sauce
Ginger root

Ginger Infused Oil:

It is best to make the ginger infused oil two or three days before you wish to serve the dish. First peel the ginger, then cut it into narrow strips. Gather the strips and begin chopping them into tiny cubes. Put the chopped up ginger into a small bowl of Rosa Olive oil and let it sit.

Preparing the Salmon:
Start off with Rosa Olive Oil in a pot over low heat. Keep at 62˚C (100-120˚F). Add one cube of Dorot chopped Basil, one cube of Dorot chopped Cilantro, one cube of Dorot crushed Garlic, and a pinch of both salt and pepper. Lightly stir the oil to mix the ingredients in the pot.

The salmon should be without the skin, the bloodline and the bones should be taken out; which can be done from your local butcher. Next sprinkle sea salt (fine grain if possible) on both sides of the salmon. Let the salmon sit.

Now take the oranges cutting off both ends, and cut the rest of the peel off. Get rid of all the peel and the pith, so you only see orange. Then cut the flesh of the orange out from the slices and place these into a small bowl for later.

Place the salmon into the Rosa oil you have prepared on the stove.

Next take the olives and the fennel. Cut the olives into fourths and cut off the stem from the fennel. Then cut the fennel into a few very thinly cut slices. Put the olives into a bowl and the fennel slices into a separate bowl filled with ice water.

Take another pot and pour in the verjus, give that a chance to boil. (if you cannot find verjus grape juice will work too.) When the verjus does start to boil pour in some of the ginger oil and add some seasonings.

Next add some seasoning to the salmon, such as salt and pepper, and now turn up the heat to let the oil boil with the salmon. Take another orange and grate some of the peel into the verjus sauce and mix it in. If you like you can add a cube of Dorot cilantro into the verjus.

Now take the salmon out and poke it with a toothpick or skewer into the thickest part of the fish. Take the skewer out and touch it to your wrist. Do this to ensure the fish is cooked on the inside. Use a towel or cloth to remove the excess oil, and squeeze out some lemon juice over the salmon.

Place the salmon into the middle of the plate. Now put the fennel, oranges, salt, pepper, and the ginger oil from earlier into a bowl and toss it together. Lay the ingredients over the salmon and finally pour the verjus sauce around the fish.