Asian Inspired Dishes

Wasabi peas
Black and white sesame seeds
Tsobah noodles
Iceberg and nappa cabbage
Green onion chopped
Pickled ginger
Sweet cucumber
Toasted Almonds
Olive Oil

Wasabi peas in blender, mix with horse radish to make bread crumb style coating for salmon
Roast the black and white sesame seeds to get rid of raw taste
Put noodles and salt into boiling pot of water (4-5mins)
Both fish are cooked rare-med. rare
Two Sauté pans, olive oil in pans

Sesame-soy vinaigrette- sesame seeds, sesame oil, soy sauce
Iceberg and nappa cabbage chopped
Carrots shredded
Green onion chopped
Pickled ginger with noodles
Sweet cucumber with noodles
Cool off noodles in water
Lightly coat salad with vinaigrette
Split salad so half gets mixed with the noodles

4mins on each side for fish
Cube up the tuna, coat in sesame seeds, put in one pan
Put coated salmon into other pan, add butter to the pan
Once tuna is done, cut and place on top of nap-cabbage salad
Salmon on top nap-cabbage noodles
Toasted almonds on top of both plates.