Fresh Pasta

Olive oil
Cherry tomatoes
Kalamata olives
Ricotta and Parmesan cheese
Salt and Pepper

Pasta and Ravioli:
Fine grade flour 1lbs, 3/4 put into large bowl.
Eggs, 6 whole and 4 yolks. Burrow hole in flour to put the eggs into (if too much egg add more flour).
Mix with hands.
Add olive oil while mixing.
Knead the dough looking for a hard consistency (if sticky add more flour).
Once properly kneaded cut dough ball in half and wrap air tight in saran wrap, refrigerate 4-24hours
Dough should be hard.
Flour table, flatten, cut in half long ways, run through pasta machine gradually getting thinner each pass.
Will be long and flat now, should be able to fold over and not stick.
Brush water around filling, roll over and pinch closed. Slice apart leaving a little edge. Keep them lightly floured to not stick since water was added.
Other half of dough will be cut into thirds, add flour to not stick, roll and cut to make strips.
Add Salt to boiling water and put in.
Strain Pasta and add on top of olive oil and garlic in hot pan. Salt and pepper, Parmesan cheese
Top pasta with Kalamata olives, Shallots, cherry tomatoes, and basil warmed in pan with olive oil.
Strain raviolis, put in pan with olive oil. Add basil and butter. Parmesan cheese.
Top both with a little more Parmesan cheese. 

Ravioli Filling:
Olive oil to hot pan
Garlic, shallots, spinach, and broccolini chopped and sautéed in pan, add butter salt and pepper
Chop again, cool in refrigerator
Add to ricotta cheese, sit over night
Spoon a golf ball size onto middle of pasta sheet