Pan Seared Jersey Fluke with Spring Vegetables, Ramps, Chanterelles and English Pea Fluid Gel

1 Whole 3- 4 Lb Flounder scaled & gutted
Wondra Flour for dusting
1 T Blended Oil
1 T Butter
Salt & Pepper for seasoning

Filet and skin fish into four filets. Season with salt and pepper andlightly dust with Wondra flour. In a saute pan, heat oil until hot. Saute fish on one side for 1 1/2 min until lightly golden brown. Add whole butter, turn filet over and finish cooking.  Allow to rest on paper towel.


1/2 Cup shelled and picked Fava Beans
20 Ramp Bulbs cleaned
1/2 Cup shelled English Peas
2 ea Small Shallots peeled and thinly sliced
4 ea small Fennel Bulbs quartered
1/2 Cup cleaned andChanterelle and Mousseron Mushrooms
1 Sprig Thyme picked and chopped
1 T picked soft herbs, (tarragon, chervil, chives)
1/2 Cup Chicken Stock
2 T Butter
1 T Blended Oil
Salt & Pepper

Blanch Fava Beans and peas in salted boiling water for approx one minute. Immediately chill in ice water, drain and reserve. Saute fennel bulbs in blended oil, add 1/2 Twhole butter and chopped thyme,allow to cook until lightly caramelized and softened, reserve.

Saute ramp bulbs lightly in 1/2 Tbutter, season with salt & pepper, reserve. Sautee Chanterelles and Mousserons in butter for one minute, add a little stock and finish cooking for a few min.

To finish veg mixture in a small saute pan, add 1/2 T butter, allow to heat slightly, add shallots and saute until softened, add Fava Beans, peas, ramps, and mushrooms, season with salt & pepper, add splash chicken stock. Finish with remaining butter and soft herbs.

Truffled Pea Fluid-Gel
1/2 Lb Peas blanched and chilled
1/2 English Cucumber Diced
1 Cucumber chopped
1/4 Cup Water
Pinch of Curry Powder
A couple drops White Truffle Oil
1/2tsp. Xanthan gum
Salt & Pepper to taste

Blanch peas, strain and chill. In a blender add cucumber, peas and water. Blend until smooth. Add Xantham gum. Season with truffle oil, curry powder and salt & pepper.

Ounce of micro radish. Plate veg and mushroom mixture. Stack filet of flounder on top. Streak of pea fluid gel on plate. Garnish with micro radish.